Safety of Nanomaterials

Our Approach

SAFENANO is part of the Institute of Occupational Medicine and our services are delivered through our offices in the UK and Singapore. Our approach is tailored to meet your needs, whether through collaborative research or commercial consultancy providing expert assessment, laboratory and field services to inform risk management, and best practice training.

We provide commercial organisations, academic institutions and governments departments around the world with independent, authoritative advice to manage risk, protect health and support innovation.


We will help you meet your duty-of-care responsibilities and protect your business by giving you confidence that risks have been identified and are being managed appropriately and proportionately.

With unparalleled expertise, facilities and services, there is no-one better placed to help you manage the increasingly complex risk to your business and brand.

Failing to address the uncertainties presented by nanomaterials and nano-enabled products can jeopardise the success and sustainability of your business.