Lab Services

What We Do

We provide specialist analysis to support workplace monitoring for hazardous substances, asbestos surveys, site investigations, environmental monitoring and product quality assurance.

Our service includes expert advice on sample collection and assistance with determining what to measure. Our standard turn-around time is two weeks with premium services available when time really matters.

We also test chemically protective clothing in order to demonstrate whether it is fit for purpose.

Lab Services

- Bulk asbestos ID*
- Fibre counting by optical microscopy*
- Dedicated lab for asbestos in soils*
- GC (BTEX, other hydrocarbons)*
- GC-MS (PAHs, PCBs, freons, etc)
- ICP-OES (metals, elemental analysis)*
- HPLC (isocyanates, aldehydes, hydrazine etc)*
- Ion chromatography*
- SEM (asbestos, other fibres, dusts)*
- Microbiology laboratory*
- PPE suit testing lab: Type 3, 4, 5 and 6 suits*

* IOM is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No 0374, and most of our laboratory analyses are covered by this accreditation.

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