Chemical Risk and Regulation

Our Approach

Keeping pace and meeting regulatory requirements is a critical challenge.

Whether you are a SME, a major industrial company, research organisation or university, we provide independent and practical advice to help navigation through often complex and dynamic regulatory landscapes.

Our approach is tailored to meet your specific needs, providing expert, cost-effective services for your company based on our knowledge and experience as a leading authority in assessing chemical risks. We identify and help you address your obligations, safeguarding the responsible use and commercial success of your products.

Why Choose IOM

IOM is a leading provider of chemical risk assessment and regulatory compliance services, with an international reputation for authoritative and independent expertise in workplace health, hygiene, and safety.

Our team, consisting of qualified and experienced Chartered scientists, support industrial clients in a diverse range of sectors to understand and meet regulatory requirements, and provide assessments and advice for managing chemical risks in the workplace. We have a track record of being the partner of choice for regulatory agencies across Europe in relation to chemical risks, and in particular nanomaterials regulation under REACH.